Battery problems always seem to spring up at the worst times, don’t they? You’ll probably be rushing to the office for a major meeting and find that your car won’t start, or you’ll be on the road for a road trip and have to pull over because your car died mid-trip. These scenarios are nightmares and are frustrating just to think about. To prevent this situations from happening, it’s crucial that your car receives the best battery care possible.

This is where the service department at Nissan of Bowie comes in handy and can handle your battery repairs in Bowie, MD Nissan of Bowie provides the best battery care for residents of Crofton, Washington D.C. and Annapolis. We know how important battery care is to your vehicle, so our staff our professional automotive technicians will be able to assist you with any problems that you are experiencing with your battery.

Because battery installation is crucial to the life of your battery, we can assure you that our members of our service department will make sure that your battery is installed correctly. Installing your battery improperly is one of the leading causes of battery failure. To help you better understand the causes of battery failure, we’ve mapped out some common problems that lead to battery damage. Read more about tips for keeping your battery long-lasting.

  • Battery not fitted properly into the tray. When your battery is not fitted properly, it is exposed to internal and external damage when your car drives. Driving causes your car to bounce and shake, so if your battery isn’t properly fitted, it is vulnerable to acid leakage and long term loss of capacity.
  • Dirty and worn out cables and connectors. Improperly connected cables or clamps can cause heating and sparks that could lead to an explosion of your battery. If your battery terminal or clamps are corroded, it causes high resistance and results in complete power loss.
  • Frequent short trips. If you are in the habit of driving short distances, your battery starter is more likely to go flat. Getting out on the highway and driving for a longer distance is better for battery and will decrease the chance of your car dying in the winter.

In order to protect you from these dangers, Nissan of Bowie’s service center offers a wide range of battery services in Bowie, MD. Our staff can help you chose the right battery for your vehicle, and will make sure that it is installed properly so you won’t have to worry about it coming loose in its tray while you are driving.

We can examine your current battery and help rid it of any corrosion on the terminals or clamps. W only work with the best batteries, we can assure you that your battery will hold up and work perfectly with your new Nissan or other model.

The service center at Nissan of Bowie can assist you with all of your auto needs, not only battery service. So if you’re a resident of Crofton, Washington D.C., or Annapolis and are noticing any problems with that way that your car is running, bring it into Nissan of Bowie. We are open at convenient hours for you, and you can even schedule your next appointment with us online.