There are many dangers when your brakes on your car fail. Know the signs that your brakes are failing before you or someone you care for gets injured. The staff at Nissan of Bowie is professional and friendly and can help you with anything you need while servicing your vehicle. Get brake services in Bowietoday at Nissan of Bowie.

Brake failure can be very dangerous. It can cause anything from a minor collision to a very serious collision that you may not walk away from. It can also cause property damage that will require compensation. The biggest danger of brake failure is injury and even possibly death so it is important to wear a seat-belt and ensure your children are securely fastened in their car seats. It is very important that you take the time to get your brakes checked annually and more preferably every six months, to try and prevent any brake failures.

It is recommended to have your car brakes checked every six months to prevent any failure if possible. Some of the most common signs of brake failure are poor braking in which it becomes hard to get the car to stop moving, squealing or grinding sounds while you are braking, pulling to one side which is also called “grabbing”, loss of the brake pedal, clicking noises during braking, throbbing of the brake pedal while braking, lit ABS light for the anti-lock brakes, and more drag while accelerating which is also called “Anchors Away” Syndrome. Handle your brake repair in Bowie, MD today at Nissan of Bowie.

Poor braking performance can happen for a few different reasons such as oil or grease soaked brakes, crystallized brake pads, loss of power assist, and “Hot Spots”. Crystallized brake pads are when the brakes have become hardened from heat and aren’t effective at stopping the rotation of the brake rotor. Oil or grease soaked brakes occur when the oil from the rear differential get on the brakes from the oil seal that may have failed. Loss of power assist is caused by the loss of an engine vacuum. “Hot Spots” on the brake rotors are hardened spots in the metal pieces of the rotor that form from the brakes overheating excessively. Squealing noises coming from the brakes is generally a sign that the brake pads are worn or glazed. The wear indicators create the squealing sounds.

If you hear grinding, that means the brakes have gotten to the brake rotors through the wear indicators. Pulling to one side can happen for many reasons. The pulling can happen from maladjustment of the brakes, brake fluid leakage, frozen brakes, frozen emergency brake cables or oil/grease is leaking from the brake pads. Loss of brake pedal is usually a result of fluid leakage due to a rusted brake line, a worm master cylinder, failure of a brake hose or a worn wheel cylinder or brake caliper. Pulsation of the brake pedal is caused by heat and wear. It thins out the brake rotor or drum and causes it to warp.

Clicking noises while braking occur when the disc brakes become brittle and break which allows the brake pad to rattle or click while braking. More drag while accelerating happens when the emergency brake cables freeze due to rust buildup and they do not release. An easy way to avoid this is by using your emergency brake. A ABS light occurs when the wiring harnesses and electrical plugs are worn and corroded. These electrical pieces are always in the environmental conditions and suffer wear from exposure.

Always remember that it is important to have your brakes checked often as it will prevent any accidents from occurring. It is easily to schedule your brake service online.

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