How to Change a Flat Tire on your Nissan

Knowing how to change a tire is a skill that will come in handy at some point in your lifetime. The majority of drivers on the road will, at least once, experience a driving situation where a tire becomes flat. And if you’re a resident of Crofton, Washington, DC, or Annapolis and don’t want to be inconveniently stranded on the side road, it’s best to know how to change a tire.

If you’re a resident of Crofton, Washington, DC, or Annapolis and are looking to have Nissan tire service in Bowie, MD, you can bring your vehicle to the Nissan of Bowie service center. But before you do, you’ll have to replace your flat tire with a spare so you can drive it in for repair.

Follow these easy steps to learn how to change a tire on a Nissan in the safe and correct manner.

Step 1: Pull over and put your hazard lights on.Pull over as far from traffic as possible and look for a spot to change your tire. You don’t want to park around a bend but rather in a clear, visible spot where other drivers on the road can see you. It’s also crucial to park on a flat spot for the sake of jacking your car off the ground.

Step 2: Loosen your lug nuts. Use a wrench and turn your leg nuts counterclockwise to loosen them, but don’t remove them. You may need to create more pressure by using your foot to loosen extremely tight lug nuts.

Step 3: Use your jack to lift your car. Your car will have a specific location underneath it where your jack is supposed to connect. You can find this information in your owner’s manual. But once your jack is securely in the right place, lift your car up about 6 inches off the ground.

Step 4: Remove lug nuts and flat tire. Once your tire is off the ground, loosen your lug nuts all the way, remove them, and place them where you easily retrieve them. Then pull the flat tire off your car.

Step 5: Secure your spare tire. Line up your lug nut posts with the holes in your spare tire and slide the tire all the way on to the wheelbase. Put on your lug nuts, but don’t tighten them all of the way just yet – just make sure they can keep your spare on your car for a second. Then lower the jack so your car is back on the ground. Tighten your lug nuts as much as you can.

Step 6: Place your flat in your trunk and head to the Nissan of Bowie service center.

Once you make sure you haven’t left anything on the side of the road, bring your vehicle to Nissan of Bowie where residents of Crofton, Annapolis, and Washington, DC, can get the best Nissan tire service from trained and experienced professionals.