The city of Bowie, MD is a thriving community that instills the values of growth, unity and progress. There are always things to do and ways to stay active in Bowie but staying on top of when and where these events are going on can be tough.

To help you get more involved with the Bowie community, Nissan of Bowie's community page will provide you with some ideas and ways that you can interact with your fellow Bowie residents. This community page will work to showcase some of the events and on-goings in Bowie so that you can take part in them.

Growth and progress in the Bowie community starts with involvement from residents. Bowie will continue to unify and gain strength as more and more individuals get out and experience everything that the city has to offer. Nissan of Bowie is here to help make that possible but motivating you to experience new things in the community.

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Is there is a specific aspect of the Bowie community that you want to change or improve? Don't let your voice go unheard. Each month, Bowie has forums and meetings regarding the city's well-being that are open to the public. If there is a particular issue that you want to bring to light, take advantage of these opportunities to actively engage with the Bowie community. Your input will only help Bowie grow stronger. Nissan of Bowie can help make sure that your input is heard by posting information on how you can get more involved with the Bowie community this year.

Along with getting involved with community meetings and discussions, another way that you can help the progression of Bowie is by taking part in the events that take place in the numerous facilities around the area. Museums, parks and sports facilities all throughout Bowie host diverse events that the entire community can attend. Nissan of Bowie will use this community page to help bring to light some of the great happenings that are going on in Bowie throughout the year.

Downtown Bowie is full of fantastic local stores and restaurants that you can experience. There is a wide variety of different places to shop and eat, so it's hard to stay bored in the area. By going to these stores and restaurants, you are helping to support the growing community. If you are looking for a new store to shop at or a new restaurant to try, Nissan of Bowie's community page is where you can find some inspiration.

Getting out there and experiencing all that Bowie has to offer is the best way to support the progressing community. Nissan of Bowie is dedicated to seeing our community succeed, so continually check back in on our community page to find a great new event to experience, meeting to attend or new restaurant to try.

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September 2015 Events

Sat Sept 12th from 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

DC Wine Fest

Washington, DC

Specially curated wineries and live entertainment come together for the DC Wine Fest.

Sat Sept 19th at 12:00 pm

Baltimore Seafood Fest

3001 Boston St., Baltimore, MD 21224

Attention seafood lovers! Don't miss the Baltimore Seafood Fest! Visit for more info.

September 20th from 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Hispanic Festival

7601 West Park Dr. & University Blvd., Adelphi, MD 20783

Come out and celebrate the rich history of Hispanic communities!