First-Year maintenance Guide For Your Nissan

At Nissan of Bowie, we’re dedicated to helping you maintain your Nissan for life. Our Nissan service pros have seen the costly consequences of not being proactive with maintenance during your first year of ownership.

To save you money in the long run and help you keep your Nissan running like new, we put together this first-year maintenance guide so you never miss an inspection, change-out, or check-in. New Nissan owners in Crofton, Annapolis, and Washington, DC, can read on to find out about key mile markers for routine service.

At 5,000 Miles or Six Months

The initial interval for routine maintenance checks and replacements for your new Nissan vehicle begins at 5,000 miles or six months of driving, whichever comes first. When you’ve reached this marker, your Nissan will be due for a motor oil and filter change in addition to a tire rotation (with the exception of 370Z models). You’ll repeat these two services together at this same interval for optimal performance.

At 10,000 Miles or 12 Months

After one year of owning your Nissan, it’ll be due for its second oil and filter swap and tire rotation. In addition to these two vital maintenance points, you’ll need to have the following mechanical elements inspected by a certified Nissan technician:

Automatic transmission and AT oil

Brake system (pads, rotors, drums, and linings)

Differential oil

Drive shaft boots

Manual transmission oil

Propeller shaft (4WD/AWD/RWD)

Transfer case oil (4WD/AWD)

While additional items will need replacement and service after 12 months (e.g., the in-cabin microfilter calls for replacement at 15 months), the above recommendations continue to repeat with replacements made as necessary.

Under Severe Operating Conditions
If you’re operating a fleet vehicle or driving your Nissan in picky conditions, an accelerated maintenance plan for every 3,750 miles or three months (instead of every six months) is recommended:

Driving your vehicle for consecutive short trips of fewer than 15 minutes each.

Often driving in stop-and-go traffic in high temperatures or over long distances.

Using your vehicle to tow a heavy trailer or camper.

Often traveling over dusty dirt roads or rough back roads

Listen to Your Nissan
These schedules are solely intended to be guidelines for the maintenance of your vehicle. Above all else, listen to your Nissan and bring it in for service early if you feel that something isn’t quite right under the hood. Regularly checking your tire pressure, fluid levels, and dashboard warning lights will help you know when to service your Nissan outside of routine checks.

When bringing in your Nissan for service, you want to choose a certified service shop that uses genuine Nissan Parts. Nissan of Bowie’s service team is your local destination for complete car care.

From brake jobs to oil changes to transmission repairs, our passionate and professional technicians help you keep your Nissan running at peak performance for less. Crofton, Annapolis, and Washington, DC, area Nissan drivers can even schedule their next service appointment online! We wish you the best in your first year of Nissan ownership.