Every car needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly and efficiently, and part of that includes regular oil changes. Being relatively affordable and routine, changing your car’s oil is crucial not just to ensure proper functioning, but to avoid expensive costs down the road. Get an oil change in Bowie, MD today at Nissan of Bowie.

Why is it important to change your oil? Think of it as vehicular spring cleaning. It helps with three main areas of a combustion engine. Firstly, the oil helps keep heat away from the combustion chamber to prevent your engine from overheating. Next, it helps varnishes and carbon from building up in the engine. Finally, it helps to lubricate all of the engine’s parts that must work together.
Over time, a car’s oil becomes less effective due to moisture, air, and heat. If you do not change your oil on a regular basis, buildup will start to accumulate in areas, such as around the valves and crankcase¬†that help cool the engine. This buildup can cause sludge, also known as carbon deposits, to emerge from the old oil. When this happens, the oil cannot fight the dirt and other bits that are moving around the engine. Slowly but surely, that sludge will break down the engine, damage the camshafts, or cause the pistons to seize up. The subsequent repair bill will be very unpleasant.

To avoid this, changing your oil regularly is recommended – but is it considered often enough? On average, you should do so about every 3,000 – 5,000 miles, factoring in other aspects that can shorten the life of your oil, such as short yet frequents jaunts or very hot weather. Keep in mind that every car is unique, therefore, check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation. And if you see the “change oil” light come on – get to your dealership as soon as possible!
But not all oil is created equal. Do you know which oil to use in your car? Many types of oil are available, but there are two main types: conventional and synthetic. The main difference between the two is the structure of the base oil. In synthetic oil, it is considered more pure because the molecules are made to be a consistent size and ideal weight – but it is also more expensive. However, all oil also has additives, which are mixed into the base oil to change the viscosity (or a fluid’s thickness) and heat breakdown levels, among other elements of the oil. As well, there are other standards for the oil that are determined by the car manufacturer, the oil producer, and the engine maker. Those oils that meet certain standards will be indicated on the oil’s container.
If all of this sounds overwhelming, rest assured you don’t have to change your oil yourself. Take your car to the friendly professionals at Nissan of Bowie for an expert, quick, and affordable oil change service. They will ensure that your vehicle’s oil, engine, and other parts are in optimal working condition so that your car will function at peak performance. If the thought of scheduling an oil change seems taxing, you can use their website to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Don’t procrastinate any longer getting your oil changed – your car will appreciate it!
While you are waiting for your oil change, consider taking a test drive of the 2015 Nissan Maxima. We look forward to doing business with you!

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