Tips For Keeping Your Battery Long Lasting

Do you always find yourself having battery problems with your car? Are you cycling through a new battery every one or two years? While you may think that these are standard battery practices, you could easily extended the life of your battery so you aren’t making as many trips to have your battery replaced.

At Nissan of Bowie, we want to see you take care of battery the most efficient way possible. That’s why we are providing the Crofton, Washington D.C. and Annapolis regions with our best tips to extend the life of your car’s battery. For battery repair services in Bowie, MD, schedule an appointment today at Nissan of Bowie.

  1. Keep your battery clean.

Inspecting your battery roughly once a month should help you identify and eliminate corrosion on your battery terminals or battery clamps. It’s very important that you continue to check for this corrosion, because corrosion leads to power resistance and will completely kill your battery’s ability to do its job. Serious corrosion can even lead to a whole new battery.

  1. Make sure your battery is secure in its tray.

A battery that isn’t secure is more prone to damage when your car bounces and shakes around. This could seriously affect your battery’s terminals, cause your battery to leak its acid, short circuit or even cause damage to your car which will result in a much more costly repair.

  1. Avoid frequent short trips.

Short trips aren’t good for your battery because they don’t give your alternator a chance to kick in and start charging your battery while your motor is running. This drains your battery and doesn’t give it a chance to gain anything back, leading to premature death of your battery.

  1. Don’t operate your car accessories when your car isn’t on.

If you want to heat up your car before you get into it, make sure your motor is running. Operating your car accessories, like your radio, heater or AC without your motor running will drain your battery, because once again, the alternator isn’t running and won’t be able to charge your battery.

Side note: If you notice that your battery is draining when your car is off, it’s extremely important that you bring your car in for service to check to see if there is a parasitic drain affecting your battery.

  1. Invest in a battery charger.

A battery charger will help your battery maintain a stable charger when your car is not in use. This could be extremely helpful if you are going on vacation or don’t drive your car on a regular basis. Nowadays, battery chargers are extremely advanced and can determine the outside temperature and will automatically adjust how the battery charges based on the conditions.

If you follow these practices, you’re bound to experience a much longer battery life in your vehicle. And if you have any problems with your battery, or need a battery replacement, the service center at Nissan of Bowie is dedicated to providing the Crofton, Washington D.C., and Annapolis communities with the best battery service in Bowie available. Stop in today or schedule your next appointment with us online.